Conversation on a Zero Carbon Energy Campus (Dec. 2020)

July 1, 2021

Berkeley is in flight to a carbon free futureOn December 8th, 100 people joined an on-line event to hear about ideas to decarbonize the UC Berkeley energy system with Vice Chancellor Marc Fisher, Associate Vice Chancellor Sally McGarrahan, and Chief Sustainability Officer Kira Stoll.

A presentation provided an overview of the campus carbon footprint and reduction actions to date and shared details on three technical studies that have been completed at UC Berkeley evaluating 12 new energy system replacement scenarios. These energy systems scenarios have recently been narrowed to two decarbonizing models. These models move the campus towards all-electrified systems powered by renewable sources both on-site and from utilities. A lively Q&A followed the presentation.  

The event was recorded, please watch here.

Find the event slide deck here.

See the results of the audience polls we took during the session.

The energy systems studies can be found here.

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