Clean Energy Campus Presentations & Write-ups

  • December 8, 2020. On-line event on decarbonizing the UC Berkeley energy system with Vice Chancellor Marc Fisher, Associate Vice Chancellor Sally McGarrahan, and Chief Sustainability Officer Kira Stoll. Event recording, watch here; Event slide deck here; Results of the audience polls.

Clean Energy Campus Studies & Plans

  • Energy systems studies performed by ARUP (2015-2020) for UC Berkeley's clean energy system can be found here.
  • Campus initiatives towards Carbon Neutral Berkeley by 2025 can be found here.

Campus Resources

  • Learn more about UC Berkeley's sustainability and carbon solutions efforts here.
  • Learn more about the comprehesive management and services provided by the campus Facilities Services group here.

Slide Deck: Clean Energy Campus

Berkeley is in flight to a carbon free future

See our recent summary slide deck on the Clean Energy Campus initiative.