Recruiting a Project Manager to Direct Design & Construction for Berkeley Clean Energy Campus

September 13, 2022

UC Berkeley is recruiting for a key position for the Berkeley Clean Energy Campus (BCEC) initiative. The Senior Project Manager will direct the design and construction of this long-term complex capital infrastructure and clean energy project. We are looking for proven skill in initiatives of this scope and interest in transformative energy and carbon reducing projects. This position will be part of the Capital Projects group and this level of Project Manager is assigned to the most politically challenging capital projects.

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The Berkeley Clean Energy Campus (BCEC) initiative is focused on decarbonizing this energy system. The heart of the core systems is a new central clean electrified heating and cooling thermal plant that is capable of connecting with more than 100 campus buildings. The BCEC will also deploy on-site and off-site renewable electricity installations, storage with clean energy technologies - such as battery and possible renewable hydrogen systems, and will focus on efficiency through advanced building energy controls and geothermal energy storage. The project also includes integration of upgrades to the campus-owned electrical transmission and distribution system. The fully realized project will reduce campus carbon emissions by 80% (below California’s Cap-and-Trade threshold), model an efficient transition to 100% clean energy on the scale of a medium-sized city, and provide reliable backup capabilities in emergencies.

The State of California has made the initial investment to move this project forward. With this state investment the campus will move into schematic design in the next 12 months and aim to begin a phase 1 of construction by 2025. State funding is providing some of the of the funding needed for the core electric thermal heat pump system, and will be used to design and construct the new central plant and distribution to a portion of campus buildings. Funding will also help initiate the study of on-site energy resiliency strategies to replace the back-up energy microgrid capabilities of the existing plant, focusing on-site solar, battery storage and geothermal heating. The campus is seeking partnerships and additional funding sources–including public-private partnerships as well as philanthropy, grants, and industry partners–to fully realize the Clean Energy Campus as early as 2028.

UC Berkeley's Capital Projects manages the design, construction, retrofitting, and restoration of campus buildings and their surroundings. Many skilled professionals work in Capital Projects as Project Managers who have backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, engineering, construction and administrative personnel, all of whom work to serve the campus community. This position involves managing the design and construction of large, complex capital projects of the highest value, with significant consequences of success or failure to the campus. Projects, including renovations, expansions and new facilities and infrastructure as well as landscape projects; responsible to collect, develop, and analyze technical data to determine project requirements and preparation of information regarding specifications, materials, equipment, estimated costs, and completion times.