Integrated Resource & Activation Plan

The IRAP - fall 2021 - fall 2022

The Integrated Resource and Activation Plan (IRAP) is a feasibility study now underway to move the campus from the current high-level technical study phase and early financial options discovery to design and construction. The IRAP will be a 12-month process and include advanced discovery, deep stakeholder and expert consultation, and result in a technical, legal, policy, living-lab, and financing/philanthropic blueprint. The culminating plan will enable the campus to creatively fund and build within eight years the new clean and resilient energy system. 

IRAP activities will include additional technical analysis on the energy solutions, infrastructure siting options, financial consulting services, legal and environmental consultation, and stakeholder engagement. To support this effort the campus is harnessing its reputation and connections including engagement with campus government relations, the research enterprise, donor services, faculty experts and advisors to government and industry partners, and the UC Office of the President. 

Recent & Current Activities 

  • Financial consultant is on-board
  • Studies of plant(s) and infrastructure placement options on campus sites underway
  • Additional technical study consultants to be on-board spring 2022
  • Fundraising activities with partners in University Development 
  • Reviewing and monitoring grant and public funding opportunities
  • Developing living lab initiatives with research and sustainability partners 
Poppies & campus

Funding the IRAP

Three generous donors keen on implementing deep and transformational carbon reduction solutions have funded the first phases of this planning effort. The campus is currently seeking more donor partners and other resources to move this to the finish line. Contact the team if you are interested in supporting the plan and project or have ideas for us.


Project Leads

Sally McGarrahan, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Services

Kira Stoll, Chief Sustainability & Carbon Solutions Officer

Team Members

Jack Chang, Ph.D. Candidate in the Energy and Resources Group

Ann Jeffrey, BCEC Stakeholder Facilitator